1.     1. By integrating and mapping every aspect of your business processes with your IT infrastructure (applications, databases, web services, operating systems), doesn’t matter whether on-premises, virtual and/or in cloud - you will execute your processes faster, less prone to human related errors and avoiding issues related to a lack of integration with other processes. Automic means stabilization and progress.
2. Reduce costs of maintenance of your environment by replacing your portfolio of automation and scheduling application and provide a single automation platform for all of your deployed solutions. You will notice a difference both during development of your solutions and operating in on production.
Talk the same language, reduce costs related to maintenance of know-how in your organization, remove barriers and bottlenecks of artificial interfaces between different applications or even avoid a lack of integration.
Why to spent a budget on problem resolution and not to invest in building of your future?
3. Automating the release and deployment process, mean you can be sure that the right code is deployed to the right server with the right configuration details with a full audit of a deployment process.
 4.High visibility and automated governance over the entire processes, means you gain control of all critical and non-critical aspects of your daily routines at less cost and at a higher quality.
5. There is a growing demand of both internal and external customers Consumer on fast and reliable delivery of services on request. Why to let them wait a week or two for a new server or application upgrade? We can deliver it within hours. If you thing about provisioning automation, Automic is a right tool to choose.


1.   6.  A tool is important, however more important is how do you use it? We can help you to make the most out of your Automic implementation!